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Säbyleden is located within the nature reserves of Breviks Kile and Säby Kile, starting at Säbygården. The trail runs through open countryside, pasture and woodland, on trails and roads, through Knutstången out to Säby island.

The trail begins at Säbygården and initially goes on a sparsely busy asphalt road which soon leads into the first of three continuous nature reserves. The trail goes here on a beautiful old road, along the narrow bay of Säby Kile.

About 2 km into the trail the path reaches the first narrow land-tongue out to Säby Island. Here there is a detour from the loop trail, out to the old stone cottage.

Säby island consists of two islands with a narrow headland between them and here the trail goes along an old farming road across the islands. In the summers, cows go pasture. The bare, well-landscaped landscape gives a good picture of how Bohuslän's coastal areas looked farther back in time.

Back at the first headland, the trail goes through pastures in one reserve and then along gravelly paved gravel and asphalt roads back to Säbygården.

At the end of the 18th century there were eight herring saltery factories on Säby island. When the herring fishing ended, the island was de-populated and the settlement disappeared. From the middle of the 19th century, Säby island was repopulated. The road is bordered by foundations from the small houses that were still here for some time in the 20th century. In the 1920s the last settled island left and in the early 1950s the first summer cottage was built. At the far end is a bay which, on old maps, is called Stora Skuteviken. It was the region's connection with the outside world and was trafficked around the turn of the century by a steamboat. Here is the little stone cottage that is believed to be a remnant of the 17th century settlement. The cottage that expired in the early 1900s has been restored by the Tjörns Hembygdsförening.

Time: 2 hours

How to get here: Bus to Hoga bus-stop at Tjörn. Walk about one kilometer to the start at Säbygården.

Difficulty: Easy-medium difficulty

Surface: Paths and gravel roads.

Not to be missed: The stone cottage at the far end of the two islands that form Säby island.


6 km


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